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Field Coordinator

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Field Coordinator


Position Responsibilities:

Works with science teams at Field Camps to provide required support, troubleshoots issues, and is involved in decision-making. May handle and resolve difficult situations, such as resource limitations.
Identifies and provides many logistical needs, including: inventory reporting, fuel deliveries, and snow melting.
Assists in monitoring the meteorological observation equipment and trainings.
When in McMurdo, primary duties are to receive trainings and prepare cargo for camp. Weather delays may be experienced. When all camp specific tasks are complete, other departments may have tasking, which may be considered menial labor (dish washing, checking equipment, conducting inventories, shoveling, etc).
Conducts daily communications with field camps or McMurdo Station related to resupply needs. Tracks and ensures required cargo is delivered when needed.
Provides support to camp staff, assist in expediting required support from the various McMurdo operations.
Depending on assigned location, may perform duties such as: equipment operation, weather observations, fueling, and participating in search and rescue operations.
Responsible for maintaining a safe workplace program and ensuring safety is the highest priority in the work place.
Performs other duties as required. 

Additional duties may include the following: 

Cargo Responsibilities:

Loads/unloads aircraft.  Communicates with loadmasters and aircraft personnel.
Prepares cargo for movement.  May include packaging, labeling, weighing, and palletizing cargo.  Communicates priorities, weights and sizes of cargo with Cargo Coordinators and Fixed Wing personnel.
Assists with waste retrograde and hazardous cargo identification – labeling and handling prior to shipping back to McMurdo Station via fixed wing aircraft. Tracks and manifests hazardous waste.  Responsible for packaging and documenting hazardous cargo.
Prepares and stages equipment and maintains storage berms.

Operational Duties:

May require operating snow cats, pisten bullies, and grooming equipment to maintain a skiway.
May require operating snowmobiles and 4-wheelers

Fuels Responsibilities (where no dedicated fuels position exists):

Performs fuel tests on aviation fuel.
Performs fuel transfers, via pipe, hose and tanks.  May refuel aircraft, buildings, and vehicles with hand or electric pump.
Performs preventive maintenance tasks as directed.
Tracks and reports quantities of fuel delivered to field and amounts given to aircraft.

Galley Responsibilities:

Develops and maintains a schedule of chores (e.g. cleaning, picking up trash) for camp personnel. 
Provides support cooking, re-supply food planning, dishwashing, snow melting, and additional galley tasks as needed.

Mechanical Responsibilities:

Assists with tracking maintenance and repair needs of all equipment in camp
Assists with operating small mechanical equipment, including chainsaws, drills, welderators,  etc. as appropriate
Provides mechanical assistance in the repair of vehicles and other equipment.
May operates light equipment vehicles, such as snow mobiles, and tracked vehicles.  May groom around camp and runway.
Assists in the installation and maintenance of the skiway as needed.

Other Responsibilities:

Assists in completion of end of season report according to SOP.
When in McMurdo, primary duties are to receive trainings and prepare cargo for camp.  Weather delays may be experienced. 
When all camp specific tasks are complete, other departments may have tasking, which may be considered menial labor (dish washing, checking equipment, conducting inventories, shoveling, etc).

Required Education, Experience, Certificates and Licenses:

Two years of combined experience is required in any of the following areas: expedition outfitting in polar climates or high altitude winter settings, National Park service positions, outdoor education, experience working with helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, and/or guiding services.
Wilderness First Responder Certification

Expected Skills and Competencies:

A proven ability to work in remote, harsh environmental, and as a team player.
Good verbal communication skills, computer literacy, and problem solving skills
Computer competency required with a proficiency in Microsoft Excel & Word


Bachelor’s degree is preferred.
Previous experience working in  the Arctic orAntarctica with direct experience working in a field camp in polar environments
Experience in any combination of the following is strongly preferred: weather reporting, equipment operation (including meteorologiscal, GPS and communication equipment), cargo movement, fuel operations, and/or logistics. 
Glacial travel and basic mountaineering experience
Previous training in weather observation

Physical and/or Other Requirements:

Willingness and ability to deploy to Antarctica for extended periods
Successful completion of Medical and Dental examinations required by the NSF for deployment to Antarctica
Successful completion of drug screening and background check required by employer
Successful completion of Federal Background Check required by the NSF
Must be willing and able to lift and move items, parts, assemblies, and equipment up to the safety regulation maximum as required by the position.
Must be willing and able to perform physical activities including heavy lifting, climbing in and out of equipment, crawling, and working outdoors in extreme cold as required by the position.
Must participate in community programs, such as “house-mouse” (chores), “daisy-picking” (cleaning-up around the station), recycling efforts & safety objectives.
Valid Driver’s License issued in the United States


Amentum is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Our hiring practices provide equal opportunity for employment without regard to race, religion, color, sex, gender, national origin, age, United States military veteran’s status, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, family structure, medical condition including genetic characteristics or information, veteran status, or mental or physical disability so long as the essential functions of the job can be performed with or without reasonable accommodation, or any other protected category under federal, state, or local law.


Security Clearance Required: Yes

Amentum / Equal Opportunity Employer

JBAMN R0085117 2023.02.10

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