Personnel Security Specialist V, HUNTSVILLE, AL, UNITED STATES


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Huntsville, Alabama, United States

Personnel Security Specialist V
Huntsville, Alabama, United States

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Personnel Security Specialist V


If you have BI, BI Case Reviewer, Adjudications, or Investigative Federal Law Enforcement experience we’re looking for you!

Are you currently uncleared but willing to be subjected to the Government Clearance Process for a clearance? Ask us about the options we have!

Job Description

Independently develop various types of manuals, forms, instructions, and the like, to facilitate operation of the FBI Security Program. Participate in special projects such as planning the implementation of new or revised programs.
Conduct exhaustive and extensive checks in accordance with the FISs, Federal guidelines, policies and procedures. Demonstrate innovative and imaginative approaches to problem solving that adds to the quality and quantity of relevant data recovered in assigned cases.
Request, receive, scrutinizes and analyze FBI Investigative files and related material to determine, isolate, develop and extract all possible identifying or linking information, matching records, questionable / overlapping elements, and viable avenues of investigative pursuit which could have a bearing on individual’s ability to hold a security clearance. Analyze material to develop and detect misrepresentations of facts, any criminal, immoral, or suspicious conduct, any signs of mentally disabling illness, indications of any type of association with hostile intelligence individuals, organizations, or persons of known or suspected questionable character, or fragments of information which furnish reason to sustain suspicion that the subject could be a security risk and / or significant target for coercion.
Conduct critical analysis of incoming material / correspondence outlining possible serious and / or very sensitive security concerns relating to the most complex security assessment issues for the purpose of determining merit for granting, continuing, and / or revoking security clearances and access authorizations.
Provide on –the-job training, instruction, guidance and advice to lower-grade specialists; assist in the resolution of issues and other problems being encountered during processing of cases. Assist UCs, supervisors, and / or the GPM to provide continuing direction and assistance to other specialists for case(s) particularly sensitive and / or complex in nature; such cases may be reassigned to incumbent to resolve and complete. Review cases and routine correspondence to the FOs and / or outside agencies prepared by specialists for transmittal authorization by Government lead.
Provide direct support and service to the administration of the FBI Security Program by participating in the direction, from inception to completion, of highly sensitive and complex security assessment investigations conducted by the FBI FO’s and rendering appropriate adjudication recommendations regarding the same. Act as the technical expert in one or more security programs, serve as an assistant to a program manager and provide expert advice and assistance in formulating and implementing policies and procedures.
Prepare in – depth summaries of data obtained and determined to be pertinent or relevant to a case at hand and compose necessary correspondence to appropriate FO(s) for initiation of an investigation. Provide detailed outlines of background of individual case and information developed from extensive initial research and of the subsequent analysis of same. Define security vulnerabilities, set forth specific recommendations for the initiation of investigations, recommend leads which are to be addressed and followed, and advise of any restricting regulations, instructions, or information which may hamper the investigation.
Coordinate with FBI Divisions on foreign nexus / concerns to exploit intelligence for the purpose of making adjudicative determination recommendations.
Provide an in – depth, high – risk analysis of high risk (potentially serious or high impact) investigations so that the Government lead can make a security and suitability determination.
Evaluate reports of investigations, personnel files, and other records to recommend suitability / security determinations.
Provide a recommendation regarding the adequacy and completeness of the investigation and of other means by which data were collected, and evaluate the authenticity, veracity, and pertinence of the data to the case, and request additional information as required.
Recommend whether a security clearances should be granted, denied, revoked, or suspended, as appropriate.
Recommend and then coordinate the execution of polygraph examinations and/or interviews to be conducted based upon acute analysis of all data developed. Compose appropriate communications to pertinent FBI HQ Divisions and FOs to initiate same, providing detailed justification as to recommendations that same be carried out and setting forth any specific instructions which should be followed in regard to same (i.e., particular areas in question which need to be addressed / resolved; special qualifications desired of interviewer; sensitive areas to avoid; and the like).
Correlate and assimilate all data obtained and developed, prepare a formal written analysis of the security concerns, vulnerabilities, risks, and their resolutions. Provide thorough consideration to information developed, degree of security risk involved, special staffing requirements/hiring needs of the FBI at the time, individual’s specialized qualifications and the “whole-person” concept, provide recommendation for proper adjudication decision on a case-by-case basis as to the approval, denial, or revocation of security clearance and / or access authorization which will ultimately lead to the firing or retention of an individual, as well as, any necessary remedial administrative action or precautionary measures to meet the minimum standards to obtain / maintain a security clearance / access authorization.
Coordinate and correlate investigative activity, information gathering, and matters of mutual interest between FOs, Legal Attaches, other Government agencies, and private industry. Make appropriate contacts, either written or telephonically, to provide guidance, obtain and relay information, identify specific objectives, and help resolve complex problems, and / or conflicting information which may otherwise impede the successful accomplishment of efficient, effective, and complete information gathering. Remain alert to, correlate information regarding, and identify undesirable trends; keep Government lead informed of such developed information.
As required, advise of the need for follow-on actions and / or participate in and / or conduct security briefings as individual situations require. Ensure that all FBI employees and contractors are properly advised of potential security-risks / vulnerabilities in which approved level of security clearance / access authorizations may expose them to and follow through to ensure individuals are properly debriefed as necessary.
Receive and follow guidance from Government lead who assigns cases and projects. Process assignments independently for all aspects of the investigations and preparation of finished reports. Apply general policy in initiating actions or in providing information to FOs for the resolution of unusual problems or difficulties; advise Government lead supervisor of such actions. Consult Government lead in policy matters that are inherently governmental functions.  Ensure that all work products submitted to the Government lead are technically accurate and ready for appropriate disposition.  Ensure all correspondence going to UCs and / or higher – level executives for informational purposes reflect soundness of judgment and are in compliance with FBI policy and procedures.
Analyze the results of investigations to include results of interviews and polygraph examinations to ensure that all issues have been resolved, that gaps in information have been adequately covered, and that areas of concern have been completely addressed in order to efficiently and effectively support a determination of an individual’s eligibility for access to national security information as defined in the SEAD 4 or access to FBI spaces. 
Ensure cases are handled in compliance with FBI policies and legal requirements. Determine the adequacy of reporting information to develop and set forth leads and provide guidance to the field during course of investigations.
Adhere to DOJ Orders and FBI regulations and instructions affecting the conduction of background investigations.
Perform all duties associated with level IV as necessary.
This position has been deemed mission critical by the customer

Minimum Qualifications

Must be able to obtain and maintain a US government security clearance.
Will accept uncleared candidates willing to go through the Government Clearance Process.
Clearance – TS/SCI
Technical training / certification as an investigator and / or adjudicator is required.
Bachelors Degree required.
Eight (8) plus years of experience in *Federal Law Enforcement (LE) or (10) plus years of experience working in the personnel security field; prior security management experience preferred. 
Demonstrated oral and written communications skills to functionally conduct interviews, security briefings, discuss analysis and opinion in a concise, logical and objective manner, and prepare written communications setting forth analyses and recommendations.
Thorough knowledge of the indices systems, various record check systems, and file review processes in order to develop and extract the most complete and accurate information relative to the subject as possible.
Demonstrated analytical ability in order to extensively analyze various types of materials, including investigative reports, to develop information regarding security vulnerabilities; to develop investigative leads; to propose a recommendation as to the approval, denial, or revocation of security clearances.
*For former Federal Law Enforcement (LE) Personnel Security Specialists, the following minimum experience is also required:
The most recent five – years of experience shall be directly-related to analyzing investigations, record checks, and other information as necessary for the purpose of making a written record of the accuracy and completeness of the investigation.
Experience conducting record checks utilizing IC and third – party Information Technology (IT) systems; prepare and type clear concise written reports in a timely manner, free of grammatical and spelling errors; make effective recommendations for personnel security adjudications based on and expert examination of the facts and supporting evidence; and conduct open source Internet checks in support of investigations.
Experience conducting, directing, or evaluating TS / Secret investigations with preferred experience in counterintelligence / espionage, counterterrorism, criminal matters, and personnel security investigations.
Demonstrated skills and knowledge regarding criminal and civil law and procedures, and enforcement operations; have documented extensive, combined with on-the-job training, as proof of the skills and knowledge to perform the duties of a federal investigative analyst consultant.
Must have served as a senior investigator responsible for planning and directing broad investigations of national or international scope; providing administrative and technical supervision over a staff of journeyman level criminal investigators.
Documented experience planning, organizing, administering, and coordinating the full spectrum of investigative activities; and representing an organization as a recognized authority in the investigative field at conferences, meetings, and presentations involving issues of considerable importance.

Desired Qualifications

Advanced degree in any field of study.
Detailed knowledge of the FBI Security Program (Security Access / Clearance), its goals and objectives, tenets, and procedures in order to effectively and efficiently plan and carry out assignments and discern and develop new methods of approach.
Extensive knowledge of the processes and procedures involved with conducting sensitive, complex security matter investigations, from inception to completion, to instigate security BIs;
Extensive knowledge of FBI’s methods of communications and experienced skill in correlating, organizing, and evaluating data in order to compose and prepare necessary documentation to higher authorities to include DOJ and other Government agencies, members of the Intelligence Community, and private industries.
Thorough understanding of the personnel security analysis interrelationships between FBI components, DOJ, IC, and other agencies to obtain, develop, resolve, and correlate information and efforts, as required.
Experience and capability to assist others to ensure compliance with FBI procedures and regulations, so that work is complete in an efficient and timely manner.
Experience in establishing and maintaining effective relationships with representatives of other Government agencies and supervisory and agent personnel of the FBI in order to ensure effective and efficient coordination of matters involving the safeguarding of National Security Information.


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Security Clearance Required: Yes

Amentum / Equal Opportunity Employer

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