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The Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s (DTRA) mission is to safeguard the United States and its allies from global Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) threats by integrating, synchronizing, and providing expertise technologies and capabilities across all operating environments. The Nuclear Enterprise Directorate (NE) capabilities are to develop, improve, and promulgate nuclear safety, security, accountability, control, reliability, emergency/disaster response/recovery, training, transportation and storage, infrastructure, related technologies and research activities to U.S. and allied/partner forces, and U.S Federal, and allied/partner governmental organizations.

We are seeking a Mid-Level CWMD Planner to support our DTRA client. This position is located in Fort Belvoir, VA and is contingent upon award.

Apply knowledge of Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) planning support and operational assessments to more effectively synchronize DTRA’s CWMD mission.
Apply expertise in planning support and assessments to a CWMD operations plan (OPLAN), regional expertise in a theater of operations, working groups, and problem solving.
Provide joint planning support for campaign and contingency plans, including CWMD; counter proliferation; pathway defeat; nuclear deterrence and employment; and theater conventional nuclear integration/conventional support to nuclear operations methodologies and related expertise to the CCMDs, the Joint Staff (JS), and other DoD Components.
Support the development, review, revision, assessment of DoD global and functional campaign plans, and other strategic guidance, as they relate to DTRA mission, roles, and responsibilities.
Advise and assist in development of internal plans, supporting and implementation plans to OSD, CCMDs, and JS priority strategies and plans, and to the Agency strategy.
Provide support to the Agency Strategic Resourcing Process, including technical analysis to identify Risk-Mediated Objectives, and advise on gap analysis and prioritization process to inform strategic alignment of Agency programs and activities.
Support development, review, revision, and of DoD CWMD and other related doctrine.
Support interagency and foreign partners.

Key Qualifications
Minimum of 5 years Military and CWMD experience; minimum 5 years in a Joint Organization. BA required, but BS or MS preferred.
Experience with military-level operational planning, including developing and advising on matters regarding CWMD.
Experience with the DTRA CWMD mission and the Joint Operation Planning Process. Knowledge of CWMD policies.
Provide operational expertise, organizational policy and planning developments, technical support for the Combatant Commands (CCMDs), to include information, advice, alternative analysis, evaluations, and recommendations.
Must demonstrate outstanding/unparalleled writing, speaking, presentation, and interpersonal skills.
Must be willing to travel inside of the United States; potential for foreign travel overseas.
Demonstrate ability to plan, execute, & conduct moderate – to large-scale conferences, presentations, and workshops.
Knowledge and detailed technical experience required of all Microsoft Office products (MS Word, MS Outlook, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Visio, MS Project, MS Publisher), Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Adobe Acrobat products.

Minimum DoD Secret Clearance is required.


Battelle / Equal Opportunity Employer

JBBattelle  ICPublic1038185 2023.07.01

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