Joint Special Operations SME (SME) and Pilot, Military Aircraft – Secret clearance required, FORT BRAGG, NC


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Fort Bragg, North Carolina

REQ#: RQ142016

Own your opportunity to work with the largest government agency in the nation. Make an impact by advancing the Department of Defense’s mission to keep our country safe and secure.


Part Time on Call (PTOC) Joint Special Operations SME employees with specific skill sets needed to develop exercise products and role-play senior headquarters level Commanders, staff, and functional experts in order to enhance realism for the participating units. We currently have one vacant Joint Special Operations SME position. Also, our Performance Work Statement (PWS) states that the contractor will be prepared to integrate Lethal Fires and Strike Cell training (JTAC and AOB) into Mission Readiness Exercises (MRXs) at the O5/O6/O8 level, as required, to support the Commander’s Training Objectives for MRXs. Our Government customer has requested that we add an experienced pilot (i.e., fighter pilot, bomber pilot, aerial refueling, Unmanned Aerial Systems, or reconnaissance pilot) as one of our SMEs in order to effectively role play that position during Lethal and Non-Lethal Fires training and within our MRXs.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Provides advanced analytical and technical support to projects involving training, tactical/operational documentation, military systems design or other efforts requiring military operations expertise.

Researches, identifies, and makes recommendations about resources required for task execution and completion.

Gathers, processes, and analyzes operational data. 

Assists with the testing and development of new systems or updates to existing systems to meet client needs.

Identifies and recommends emergent relevant technologies that may result in improvements to current processes. 

Maintains current knowledge of relevant technologies and subject areas. 

Writes and updates project documentation including system procedures, presentations, and training materials. 

May provide guidance and work leadership to less-experienced analysts. 

May serve as a mentor to less experienced analysts. 

May serve as team or task lead.

Knowledge in command advisement, strategic communications, information management, executive decision-making, and strategic thinking.

Knowledge of strategy-level theory, National Security Strategy, and National Military Strategy.

Knowledge of the Joint Operating Environment.

Knowledge of strategic national guidance as it relates to operational plans and campaigns, and how that further relates to tactical-level application and strategic relevance.

Experience with intelligence systems acquisition capability, Advanced Military Intelligence relating to Irregular Warfare and/or SOF Operations.

Knowledge of regular versus irregular intelligence support, Armed groups and irregular movements, intelligence support to Unconventional Warfare (UW), and UW campaign planning factors. And/or experience in providing intelligence support to influence operations.

Familiarity with countering irregular threats.

Desirable Skills / Experience:

Graduate of U.S. Army Special Forces Officer Qualifying Course, or U.S. Army Aviation Officer Qualification Course, or U.S. Navy Flight Officer’s or Pilot’s Course, or U.S. Marine Flight Officer’s or Pilot’s Course, or U.S. Air Force Flight Officer’s or Pilot’s Course and graduate of a U.S. military officer’s intermediate or senior level school. Ideally, this candidate will be an experienced pilot of a U.S. or Allied Nation military aircraft, i.e., F-14, F-15, F-16, F-22, F-35, B-1, B-2, or B-52.

It is preferable that this pilot have experience in flying Close Air Support or bombing missions in support of ground troops during combat operations.

This position does not require actual flying of an aircraft, but it requires simulating flying a military aircraft in support of ground combat operations.  

Education Required:

Minimum Education Requirement: Bachelor’s degree.

BA/BS (or equivalent experience), 10+ years of experience

One year experience in Special Operations Forces Headquarters staff position or Joint Task Force (JTF) Headquarters staff specifically performing joint operations or one year experience researching, planning, preparing, coordinating, and executing Mission Readiness or Rehearsal and Command Post Exercises (MRX/MRE/CPX) focusing on Theater Special Operations Command (TSOC), Joint Special Operations Task Force (JSOTF), or Joint Task Force (JTF) scenarios to train SOF units.

Graduate of a Joint Forces Staff College program or school such as the Joint and Combined Warfighting School (JPME-II), Joint Advanced Warfighting School, Joint, Interagency, and Multinational Planner’s Course.

Graduate of one or more of the following Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) (or equivalent) courses: Irregular Warfare Applied Intelligence Course, Joint Civil-Military Operations Campaign Planning Workshop, SOF Resource Management Course, and/or Irregular Warfare Advanced Course, and/or other JSOU or equivalent course(s).

Security Clearance:

Secret clearance




GDIT / Equal Opportunity Employer

JBGDJ  RQ142016 2023.05.06

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