Personal Financial Counselors (PFC) – Raleigh-Durham NC area

The Bowen Group is hiring Personal Financial Counsellors in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area … Requires AFC CFP or ChFC 3 years experience. The Bowen Group provides financial counseling services to military personnel and families.

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PFCs provide financial education and counseling services primarily to Service Members and their families affiliated with specific Navy Operational Support Centers members of the National Guard, Reserve, and Active Duty.

Skills in:

  • Identifying immediate and long-range measures to increase income, reduce household expenditures, and avoid additional financial burdens.
  • Providing financial planning counseling to reduce, eliminate, and avoid debt and achieve financial goals.
  • Teaching Service Members (and their families) money management techniques to encourage them to live within their means.
  • Educating Service Members in understanding credit, finance charges, interest rates, and the implications of only paying the minimum amount each month.
  • Educating military families on the importance of maintaining excellent credit histories and ratings.
  • Establishing, monitoring, and protecting their credit.
  • Teaching Service Members to make informed decisions and to be aware of associated costs such as insurance, maintenance, fuel costs, etc.
  • Educating and counseling Service Members – about their retirement systems and providing financial models to assist them in establishing a comprehensive retirement plan.
  • Teaching Service Members and their families how to save for emergencies, unanticipated contingencies, and both short and long-term goals.
  • Supporting and educating individuals and families to help address specific needs, including the provision of appropriate resource referrals.

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